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Decentralized and
Incentivized Knowledge Trading System
Contents return the value of knowledge which there is in documents and networks to knowledge producers and other users.
The contents are curated by the voters who have tokens, not by centralized companies.
“Polaris service is the distributed trading system of incentive knowledge, the system which connects knowledge producers and users.
This project enables knowledge producers to earn rewards and users to get higher quality knowledge
with lower costs by evaluating the value of knowledge and trading knowledge beyond simply document sharing services."
Document Sharing and Selling
Document Sharing and Selling
Document Finding
Document Finding
Document Reading and Vote
Document Reading and Vote
Rewards for knowledge producers
Rewards for knowledge producers
polaris office ci
Initiated with global Top Office Software, Polaris Office
Polaris Office Service is a cloud office service that is compatible with MS Office and Adobe PDF.
It can run on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android,
and supports a variety of file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and TXT.
It is highly compatible with multiple document formats and edits all kinds of documents
900 million
It is installed on more than 900 million Android and supplies to global manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and HTC
100 million
Every day, there are 50,000 new subscribers in 240 countries and more than 100 million subscribers are using it
one billion
More than one billion documents are created and another 500 thousands of new documents are uploaded every day
POLARIS and Blockchain
POLARIS is Built as a DApp on a blockchain platform, the DApp can generate tokens that form its economy.   Because important data and transaction records are stored in blockchain, it is implemented with the reliable distributed trading method that it is not easy to manipulate.
system architecture
System Architecture
* Front-end: User's applications to utilize the knowledge trading services
* Hybrid Apps: the Knowledge Trading Service Business based on blockchains and cloud business logics
* Open API: Providing common functions based on business logics
* The ethereum is expected to be used as the underlying blockchain platform.
* Amazon Web Service and Private Hosting Server are expected be used
architecture extension
Architecture Extension
Only knowledge trading service are offered as proposed service now, but it is the goal to build the platform that provides expert network oriented and distributed work environments beyond the knowledge transaction later.